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F.K.U. (Freddy Kruegers Underwear) -1981 MC


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Swedish pressed music cassette. Red cassette with paper label. Limited 81 numbered copies

The decade of 1981-1989 delivered over 200 slasher movies. Swedish thrash metal band F.K.U. decided to pay a special tribute to the main focus year 1981, also known as the ultimate year of the slasher movie genre. In other words, the year that delivered a great deal of slashers that is considered the genres best, even today. The goal with the 2017 album, inspired by Corpse Mania, Night School as well as the timeless classics Halloween II and Friday The 13th Part 2 was to take the listener back to the old days. Back when you and your friends went to the local video store to rent video cassettes and weren’t even able to download your movies from the internet. On top of this F.K.U celebrate 30 years as a band this year, so the connection to the eighties is going to be very strong and celebrated all through this album campaign. This album is a horror experience on the same level as those old school slasher classics. So pop the popcorn, call for pizza and bring your friends, this twisted and demented world of knife wielding maniacs has only just started. Let the body count begin!

Track list:
1. 1981
2. Nightmares In A Damaged Brain
3. Hell Night
4. Corpse Mania
5. Friday The 13th Part 2
6. The Burning
7. The Funhouse
8. The House By The Cemetery
9. Burial Ground
10. The Prowler
11. The Beyond
12. Halloween II
13. Night School
14. Ms 45
15. Evil Dead
16. My Bloody Valentine

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