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Fairyland (Dark Moor) – Of Wars In Osyrhia [original]


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Original Arise records release Fairylands debut album ‘Of Wars In Osyrhia’ are a very good album. Sure, Fairyland sounds like a clone of Rhapsody, but that's a good thing, isn't it? More exactly, I find this album to be more like Rhapsody's older material, particularly Symphony of Enchanted Lands. The folk sounds are identical to something that Rhapsody would do, the choirs are the same, and the fast bass sounds are identical. So for anybody wondering, this does not sound anything like Elvenking – a band often said to be folk metal. Elvenking doesn't sound like Rhapsody at all. Its just that they play folk metal. If you didn't already know, the singer is from Dark Moor – Elisa. …that's a girl's name, by the way. The production on ‘Of Wars In Osyrhia’ will make you shiver. If you like a band such as Edguy just because of the production, you'll love this album. If you can't find a picture of the cover art, I'll tell you: Its not atmospheric, but it is very well done and sets the scene for happy metal. Also, the title track is an epic (11 minutes) and there is only 1 track (the intro) that is very short. The album is about an hour long. There's also a ballad, but the lyrics aren't about losing a lost love or anything. Its like Lamento Eroico and The Sound of the Blade. So if you're not familiar with Rhapsody, how do you classify their sound? Take Dark Moor and throw in Heavenly's speed. Secret Sphere would substitute for Heavenly if you haven't heard of them. Its hard to describe the sound without saying that they're like Rhapsody. Its really a unique sound. Overall, I recommend this album to any metal fan. True metal, of course. Track listing: 1. And So Came The Storm 2. Ride With The Sun 3. Doryan The Enlightened 4. The Storyteller 5. Fight For Your King 6. On The Path To Fury 7. Rebirth 8. The Fellowship 9. A Dark Omen 10. The Army of The White Mountains 11. Of Wars in Osyrhia

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