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Fairytale Abuse –Perversions Of Angel VI cd


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Danish black metal act Fairytale Abuse released their debut album The Spirit Tower in 2008 and followed it up with their Perversions Of Angel VI in 2008. The material on here is more brutal, more black, and more evil and musical style compared to its predecessor but its still melodic black metal.

Track list:
1. When One Bleeds
2. The Interdiction Of Obscurity
3. Fall Of The Icon
4. Vivid The Blood Ill-Natured
5. A Phenomenons Rage – The Burden
6. Troparion For The White Plague
7. Lust Murder Theater
8. At The Gate Of Thorns
9. Curse Of The black Opus
10. Powers And Signs Of Lying Wonders
11. Our Glorious Revivification

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