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Faith Or Fear ‎–Instruments Of Death lp [splatter]


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Splatter vinyl with lyric insert. Limited 400 numbered copies

Formed in 1985, Faith Or Fear hailed from the once quiet Philadelphia suburbs of Southern New Jersey. From it’s humble beginnings rehearsing in a former chicken coop, to it’s rapid and dynamic rise into the active circuit of hard metal, Faith or Fear quickly became one of Philadelphia’s largest and most influential thrash metal bands of that era. Having been influenced largely by both thrash and hardcore music. The band featured vocalist Tim Blackman, guitarists Chris Bombeke and Bob Perna, bassist C.J. Jenkins, and drummer Rich Lohwasser, and they released just one album entitled ‘Punishment Area’ during their career. The band did release a four track demo in 1990 for what was to be their second album, which never officially came to fruition and the band broke up in 1991. Faith Or Fear did a reunion show in November of 2008 at the famous JC Dobbs in Philly. This was the first time the band has played as Faith or Fear in 18 years. It was the original line-up minus Bob Perna and then Lost And Found released this cd to celebrate the return. This album includes the 1990 four track demo, four old demo tracks that have been re-recorded in 2009 and five previously unreleased demos from 1989 to 1990

Track list:
1. Dehumanized-2009 re-recording of a 1988 demo track
2. Instruments Of Death-2009 re-recording of a 1988 demo track
3. Done In Vein-2009 re-recording of a 1986 demo track
4. Got No Choice-2009 re-recording of a 1986 demo track
5. Hidden By Animosity-1990 demo
6. True Life-1990 demo
7. Sacrifice-1990 demo
8. Nightmare Of A Lifetime-1990 demo
9. Straight To Hell-instrumental-demo 89/90
10. Disintegration-demo 89/90
11. Power Lies-demo 89/90
12. Darker Shade of Death-demo 89/90
13. Planet X-demo 89/90
14. Archie Bunker-demo 89/90

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