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Faithful Darkness ‎–Archgod cd


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Faithful Darkness were formed by guitarist Jimmy Judas Persson following his departure form Soilwork in 1998, but it’s their first album without Persson that sees the band competing on the same level as the melodeath big-guns. Archgod is a wonderfully modern melodic death metal album that should go a long way toward putting Faithful Darkness on the map. The band’s third outing sees them adding a hefty dose of thrash and metalcore to their sound, with stellar results. Besides the heavier direction, there’s an increased and more effective keyboard presence this time around, as well as a blackened tone to some of the proceedings. Snake And Muse trades-off between its Dimmu Borgir-esque verse and modern In Flames-leaning clean chorus, while The Witness blends the former with a renewed Arch Enemy-style anthemic melodicism. Some of the riffs might have too much of a –core vibe for some purists, and those who feel Dark Tranquillity sold out with Damage Done need not apply, but the added heaviness, direction and electronic flare is largely what distinguishes Archgod from Faithful Darkness’s earlier, more floundering output.

Track list:
1. Lies Tell The Truth
2. Snake And Muse
3. The Witness
4. An Ocean Of Time
5. Paradise
6. Where The Stars Burn
7. Banished
8. The End Of It All
9. Corrupted
10. Shaping A Horizon
11. Archgod
12. One Around The World
13. A Final Storm

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