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Falkenbach – HeraldingThe Fireblade


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Falkenbach's sense for melody is unique. It conveys a sense of melancholy, taking you to the northern land where the mountains are cold and the rivers and lakes are frozen. Compared with other Viking bands, Falkenbach is more epic and mysterious. The melodies are Epic, Folk-ish, simplified, and absolutely great ear-catchers! Heralding – The Fireblade is the bands fourth full-length album and it is a perfect combination of the three previous albums. This is a typical work of Falkenbach and the feelings expressed by it are most suitable when you are travelling in nature, where the sun shines behind the grey sky and the landscape is wide and distant. In addition to the songs, the art work of the cover is also great. It is similar to the cover of the last album and describes a place where you're supposed to travel while enjoying the music of Falkenbach. Check this album out, it will take you through a weird and mysterious journey and it will let you return to the freezing landscape of the Pagan Northern lands Recommended if You Like: Bathory, Moonsorrow, Thyrfing, Ulver, Finntroll, Empyrium Track listing: 1. Heathen Foray 2. Of Forests Unknown 3. Havamal 4. Roman Land 5. Heralder 6. Laeknishendr 7. Walkiesjar 8. Skirnir

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