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The Fall‎ –A Part Of America Therein 1981 cd


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2017 reissue

A Part Of America Therein, 1981 is a live album by The Fall, recorded on their USA tour in 1981 and originally released only in the USA in 1982. The album shows the group performing several songs that had not yet been released; three songs from 1982’s Hex Enduction Hour are present as is “”Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul”” recorded as a single following the tour’s completion. The group were without Paul Hanley as, at 17, he was too young to be granted a visa to perform in the USA. As a result, vocalist Mark E. Smith invited previous drummer Karl Burns to fill the vacancy, initially on a temporary basis – Burns had previously left the band early in 1979. Upon their return to the UK, Smith invited Burns back into the group whilst also retaining Paul Hanley; although both occasionally played other instruments, The Fall appeared with both Burns and Hanley on drums for the next three years.

Track list:
1. The N.W.R.A.-live Chicago
2. Hip Priest-live Chicago
3. Totally Wired-live New York
4. Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul-live New York
5. Cash N Carry-live San Francisco
6. An Older Lover-live Houston
7. Deer Park-live Houston
8. Winter-live Memphis

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