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Family –Music In A Dolls House cd


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2012 press. Still sealed digipak with two bonus tracks

Influential British psychedelic band who evolved into prog-rockers in the 1970s. Music In A Dolls House (1968) was the debut full-length release from the earliest incarnation of Family, featuring Roger Chapman (harmonica/tenor sax/vocals), Rick Grech (violin/ cello/bass guitar/vocals), Rob Townsend (percussion/drums), John “Charlie” Whitney (guitar/pedal steel guitar/keyboards), and Jim King (harmonica/keyboards/soprano sax/tenor sax/vocals). Their highly original sound has often been compared to Traffic, which may be in part due to the production skills of Jimmy Miller and Dave Mason, the latter also contributing the organic and rootsy rocker “Never Like This.” Additionally, neither band was overtly psychedelic or progressive, contrasting them from the other burgeoning combos such as Soft Machine, Pink Floyd, and Caravan. Family’s deceptively involved arrangements are coupled with an equally unique blend of Chapman’s commanding vocals driving through the jazz and folk-rooted tunes.

Track list:
1. The Chase
2. Mellowing Grey
3. Never Like This
4. Me My Friend
5. Variation On A Theme Of Hey Mr. Policeman
6. Winter
7. Old Songs New Songs
8. Variation On A Theme Of The Breeze
9. Hey Mr. Policeman
10. See Through Windows
11. Variation On A Theme Of My Friend
12. Peace Of Mind
13. Voyage
14. The Breeze
15. 3 x Time
16. Scene Through The Eye Of A Lens
17. Gypsy Woman

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