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Famous Monsters Of Filmland -# 276 magazine


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The rare Captain Co edition featuring The struggle within artwork by Sanjulian

Special import. Famous Monsters Of Filmland is the horror and fantasy magazine that started it all. It started in 1958 by publisher James Warren and editor Forrest J Ackerman. The magazine has directly inspired the creation of many other similar publications, including Castle of Frankenstein, Cinefantastique, Fangoria, The Monster Times, and Video Watchdog. In addition, hundreds, if not thousands, of FM-influenced horror, fantasy and science fiction movie-related fanzines have been produced, some of which have continued to publish for decades, such as Midnight Marquee and Little Shoppe of Horrors. Warren and Ackerman created a jump in issue numbering from issue 69, which was printed in September 1970, to issue 80 in October 1970. They did this (according to the editorial in issue 80) because it brought them closer to issue 100, justifying the numerical jump because of the publishing of ten issues of the short-lived companion magazine Monster World as issues that would have been Famous Monsters issues. During the 1970s, the magazine came to rely heavily on reprints of articles from the 1960s. The magazine stopped publication in 1983 after a run of 191 issues. Famous Monsters of Filmland was resurrected in 1993 by New Jersey portrait photographer and monster movie fan Ray Ferry. After finding that the Famous Monsters of Filmland title had not been maintained under law, Ferry started with issue #200 but after a lost law suite from Ackerman he sold the rights to Philip Kim, an entrepreneur and a private equity investor in 2007. Philip Kim purchased the rights to the logo and title, entering into an agreement with Ackerman to use his trademarks to retain the magazine’s original look and feel. The new Famous Monsters Of Filmland horror magazine was brought to life in July 2010 with issue 251. This magazines are now highly collectable for any fan of horror and fantasy movies

This issue has 82 pages written in English and features articles on movies and directors like: John Carpenter who talks his classic Big Trouble In Little China, Guillermo del Toro remembers Dick Smith, John Logan on his gothic horror series Penny Dreadful, American Dad creator Matt Weitzman on monsters and the modern family. Makeup wizards Dave and Lou Elsey on their latest werewolf epic, Wolves and much, much more!

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