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Färgbandet MC


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Swedish pressed music cassette. Grey cassette with black text.

A rare compilation cassette made for the 80s colour firm Spektrum. Among the 12 tracks on this cassette you will find the track Nyfiken by Kee And The Kick, featuring a young Kee Marcello before his stint with Easy Action and Europe

Track list:
1. Rick Springfield -I Get Excited
2. Daryl Hall & John Oates -Maneater
3. La Crosse -Sista Timmen
4. Taco -Singin In The Rain
5. Adam Gul Band -Balett I Mach I
6. Tane Cain -Holdin On
7. Kee & The Kick -Nyfiken
8. Steel Breeze -You Dont Want Me Anymore
9. The Mood -Passion In Dark Rooms
10 Perikles -Var Ska Vi Sova Igen
11. Graham Parker -Temporary Beauty
12. Bow Wow Wow -I Want Candy

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Musica / Grammfon AB Electra

Catalogue Number

KMU 132

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