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Fatal Attraction –Immortal cd


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Fatal Attraction was that band on the Sunset Strip that hard rock fans flocked to, just so they wouldn’t miss the live show. From the live show entrance of the band emerging from real coffins, to the onstage sacrifice of a virgin, to the mutilation of a preacher’s arm holding a bible, to the ripping out of a girl’s heart, to tons and tons of fake blood — Fatal Attraction was much more than a music show, it was a spectacle. This is not to diminish the music at all, because Fatal Attraction’s music could stand shoulder to shoulder with any of their fellow contemporaries on the Strip. Formed in 1988, the Hollywood vampires quickly became one of the most respected bands on the Strip, writing and recording an arsenal of tracks. The band started in 1988 and 25 years later they released their first official release, Immortal. Featuring material from their whole career. On guitar we have Johnny Crystal who’s also known as Johnny Crypt, known from his work with the Texas act Ripper as well as L.A. Guns. So this old recordings have now been resurrected and given a new life. Take a trip back to the 80s way of life and enjoy some plain good ol hard rock n roll music.

Track list:
1. Intro
2. D.O.A (Dead On Arrival)
3. All Night Long
4. Tonight
5. Night Calls
6. Mindless Killer
7. Talk Of The Town
8. Preach This
9. I Know What I Want-1990 version
10. Youve Got To Bleed
11. Slut Strut
12. Night Stalker
13. I Know What I Want-2006 version
14. Stone Cold Dead
15. Here Comes Trouble-demo version
16. All Of Your Blood-live

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