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Fates Warning (Warlord/Dream Theater) – Perfect Symmetry


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Fates Warning has weathered nearly two decades of shifting musical trends with a steadfast fan base. Operating for many years below the trend radar, the group has nonetheless resolutely generated a commendable and ever strengthening catalogue of work, which finally broke into widespread recognition. The Hartford, Connecticut band was initially titled Misfit in their original formation in 1982 but changed their name the year after. A couple of demos in 1984 enabled the band to include a track on the 'Metal Massacre V' compilation album and the resulting appreciation resulting in a long term deal with Metal Blade records. They added erstwhile Warlord drummer Mark Zonder (a.k.a. 'Thunderchild') for touring in Europe prior to recording the fifth album 'Perfect Symmetry'. Produced by Terry Brown and released in August 1989. Dream Theater's keyboard player Kevin Moore guested. 'Perfect Symmetry' gave a large contingent of the band’s devotees a rude awakening, eschewing the expected riff barrage for a headlong plunge into progdom, shifting the emphasis in order to highlight Mark Zonder and Joe DiBiase’s contributions. Track listing: 1. Part Of The Machine 2. Through Different Eyes 3. Static Acts 4. A World Apart 5. At Fates Hands 6. The Arena 7. Chasing Time 8. Nothing Left To Say

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