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Fates Warning – X [FWX]


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Fates Warning has weathered nearly two decades of shifting musical trends with a steadfast fan base. Operating for many years below the trend radar, the group has nonetheless resolutely generated a commendable and ever strengthening catalogue of work, which finally broke into widespread recognition. The Hartford, Connecticut band was initially titled Misfit in their original formation in 1982 but changed their name the year after. A couple of demos in 1984 enabled the band to include a track on the 'Metal Massacre V' compilation album and the resulting appreciation resulting in a long term deal with Metal Blade records. Fates Warnings tenth studio album simply called ‘X’ or 'FWX' was recorded at Carriage House studios in Stamford, Connecticut and was released in October of 2004. The album shows a bit of balance between the different experiments of all Fates Warning's phases. More guitar-laden than the previous efforts but not as heavy as the 80's releases. The songs can be divided in three categories: guitar-driven, heavier cuts like ‘Simple Human’ or ‘Crawl’; quieter, more progressive-sounding moments, such as ‘River Wide Ocean Deep’, with its fantastic middle-eastern influences and top-notch guitar and drum work by two of the best musicians on the scene, and the beautiful ‘A Handful Of Doubt’, which emphatizes the god-like vocal master that goes by the name of Ray Alder. Last but not least, we have songs that surely deserve the progressive-rock title, like ‘Another Perfect Day’, ‘Left Here’ and ‘Heal Me’, for they balance in a perfect fashion the heaviness of the guitars and the really catchy and hypnotic hooks with the complex structure typical to prog releases. Track listing: 1. Left Here 2. Simple Human 3. River Wide Ocean Deep 4. Another Perfect Day 5. Heal Me 6. Sequence # 7 7. Crawl 8. A Handful Of Doubt 9. Stranger (With A Familiar Face) 10. Wish

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