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Fear Factory – Archetype


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Following the release of 2001's experimental "Digimortal," Fear Factory briefly disbanded. Three years later, Fear Factory reunited, without original guitarist Dino, switched bassist Christian to guitar and hired Byron to take care of the bass duties. Then they started work on "Archetype," a hard-hitting record and a great listen. It is a return to form of sorts for Fear Factory, and many fans believe it to be the band at the top of their game. It's definitely their heaviest album in years, but the signature Fear Factory melody remains in tact, as well. Track listing: 1. Slave Labor 2. Cyberwaste 3. Act Of God 4. Drones 5. Archetype 6. Corporate Cloning 7. Bite The Hand That Bleeds 8. Undercurrent 9. Default Judgement 10. Bonescraper 11. Human Shields 12. Ascension 13. School

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