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Fennesz ‎–Black Sea cd


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Viennese electronic pioneer Fennesz has built a following as expansive as his ambient soundscapes. His lush and luminant electronic compositions are anything but sterile computer experiments. Guitars that rarely sound like guitars; the instrument is transformed into an orchestra, a shimmering, swirling sound of enormous range and complex musicality. These songs embody the skilful application and manipulation of dense sonic textures with a genuine feel for the live, and real-time. Featuring duets with New Zealand’s Rosy Parlane and the prepared piano of Melbourne composer Anthony Pateras, Black Sea pushes his work into a more classical and ambient domain, preferring a slow reveal of transcendent digital eruptions to the more song-based structure of Venice or Endless Summer.

Track list:
1. Black Sea
2. The Colour Of Three
3. Perfume For Winter
4. Grey Scale
5. Glide
6. Vacuum
7. Glass Ceiling
8. Saffron Revolution

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