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Fifth Angel -S/t lp


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2018 press on black vinyl with lyric insert and poster

Metal band Fifth Angel debuted with an awesome Terry Date produced album that is one of the finest examples (along with Queensryche’s famous EP and with Heir Apparent’s ‘Graceful Inheritence’ LP) of the Seattle’s 80s Heavy Metal Scene. Their music has this characteristic sound of the scene carried out in a more melodic approach and being performed excellently in technical terms. This is a cult classic and a must have for fans of 80s US-metal

Track listing:
1. In The Fallout
2. Shout It Out
3. Call Out The Warning
4. Fifth Angel
5. Wings Of Destiny
6. The Night
7. Only The Strong Survive
8. Cry Out The Fools
9. Fade To Flames

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Metal Blade Records

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