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Fingerprints -Angel 12″ [testpress]


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Very rare test pressing with white label testpress labels. Testpressings are very hard to obtain and are often only made in 5-25 copies. A testpressing or an acetate is a crown jewel in any vinyl collection.

Fingerprints were a Stockholm, Sweden based pop/light aor act founded in 1984. Vocalist Bjorn Strom and bass player Thomas Axelsson had previously played in both Fridens Epistlar and Licence (Licence released the albums, Hogt Spel in 1981 and Inga Granser in 1982). After Licence Strom and Axelsson founded Fingerprints that did quite well on the Swedish charts. They released their first single in 1988 and their one and only album Time Is All We Need in 1989. Bjorn Strom wrote most of the music and lyrics and he was heavily influenced by American West Coast artists like Jay Graydon, David Foster, Toto, Michael McDonald, Maxus etc so in 1991 he and Axelsson founded a duo called West Of Sunset instead. West Of Sunset orientate more on the American West Coast sound instead of the Swedish AOR traditions. Bjorn Strom knows how to make great AOR/Westcoast compositions and he has an impressing voice. If youre into melodic rock/Westcoast/AOR then check out West Of Sunset and their pre-band Fingerprints.

Track listing:
1. Angel-extended version
2. Angel
3. On The Run-Greenpeace version

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