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Firespawn -The Reprobate lp/cd [clear]


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Clear vinyl with gatefold cover and the entire album on cd as bonus. Limited 200 copies

Sweden’s Firespawn returned in 2017 with a f**kin‘ vengeance. Already the 2015 debut album “Shadow Realms” was a scorching piece of diabolic death metal created by members of Entombed A.D., Necrophobic, Unleashed, Raised Fist and Naglfar, this opus “The Reprobate” turns out to be even more infernal. Being written in a shorter term compared to the debut, “The Reprobate“ offers a devastating intensity that is highly recommended to fans of US death greats like Morbid Angel, Deicide or Vital Remains as well as Polish acts like Behemoth or Vader. Garnered with truly epic guitar melodies, scathing blasts, uncompromising riffs and probably the most brutal vocal performance LG Petrov has ever delivered, tracks like “Serpent Of The Ocean“. “Blood Eagle“, “Death By Impalement“ or the title track slay for days, weeks, months. Topped off with artwork by Paolo Girardi (Inquisition, Power Trip), “The Reprobate” is a must-have!

Track list:
1. Serpent Of The Ocean
2. Blood Eagle
3. Full Of Hate
4. Damnatio Ad Bestias
5. Death By Impalement
6. Generals Creed
7. The Whitechapel Murderer
8. A Patient Wolf
9. The Reprobate
10. Nightwalkers

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