In Flames ‎–Down, Wicked And No Good 10″ [splatter]


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Mini album on 10″ blue and black splatter vinyl. Limited 500 copies

Gothenburg, Sweden-based metal heavyweights In Flames have surprised fans by releasing a four-track covers EP, Down, Wicked And No Good. To band makes a cover of Depeche Mode’s 1997 hit single “It’s No Good”, as well as their versions of Alice In Chains “Down In A Hole”, Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game”, and a live bonus version of Nine Inch Nails “Hurt”. This EP sees the Swedish quintet expanding beyond metal to incorporate the group’s varied musical taste and expansive sonic range. “We’ve been fans of Depeche Mode since we were as young as 10,” says In Flames. “Getting to do our rendition of ‘It’s No Good’ showed us a different side of the song — it brought new meanings to us. We relate to the lyrics and power of the song so heavily that it almost feels as if we could have written it ourselves. They’re a band that we’ve always looked up to. Growing up, you either listened to pop, synths or rock and even though we are a metal band, Depeche Mode inspired a lot of the electronic elements we use in our music today.”

Track list
1. It’s No Good-Depeche Mode cover
2. Down In A Hole-Alice In Chains cover
3. Wicked Game-Chris Isaak cover
4. Hurt-live-Nine Inch Nails cover

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NB 4277-1

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