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Fleetwood Mac –Behind The Mask cd


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Drummer Mick Fleetwood managed to take his Fleetwood Mac from a respected British blues outfit into the world’s biggest pop band by the 1970s. In 1987 the band had yet another success with the Tango In The Night album. However it seems the band were getting exhausted and the label put out a Greatest Hits album the following year to ride on the public demand. However songwriter, guitarist, singer, producer Lindsey Buckingham was missing when it was time make the follow up to Tango In The Night and even the group’s other writers, Nicks and Christine McVie, didn’t cover up when Buckingham was missing so the band had to rely on the two new guitarists Billy Burnette and Rick Vito to come up with material. Their album, Behind The Mask, came out in 1990 and it was band’s first album since 1975 to not go gold. Even if it was a commercial flop for the band at the time its often an overlooked and misjudged album. It sure dont stand out when compared to most of Fleetwood Mac’s efforts. The tunes submitted by Vito and Burnette confirm that neither man had found his niche in the band yet, which is understandable considering it is their first outing with the group. They certainly try on a wide range of styles. In addition to his collaborations with Nicks, Vitto contributes the decent rocker Stand On The Rock, while Burnette delivers a respectable attempt at avant garde with In The Back Of My Mind. Vitto and Burnette join forces on the credible rockabilly tune When The Sun Goes Down, which is the best contribution from either man (maybe they should’ve worked together more often). Overall Behind The Maks is a mixed bag with some great moments and some dreadful ones. Who knows what would have happened if this line-up had stayed together and found their places. Instead the band went through new line-up changes making the band sound just like any other band.

Track list:
1. Skies The Limit
2. Love Is Dangerous
3. In The Back Of My Mind
4. Do You Know
5. Save Me
6. Affairs Of The Heart
7. When The Sun Goes Down
8. Behind The Mask
9. Stand On The Rock
10. Hard Feelings
11. Freedom
12. When It Comes To Love
13. The Second Time

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