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Fleetwood Mac -Greatest Hits MC


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Thailand pressed music cassette on Peachy Records. Clear cassette with Peachy label. Handwritten title on label

Greatest Hits is a fine overview of Fleetwood Mac’s hit making years, containing the bulk of the group’s Top 40 hits of the late ’70s and ’80s, including Over My Head, Rhiannon, Say You Love Me, Go Your Own Way, Dreams, Little Lies and the minor hit Seven Wonders. Overall this is an excellent choice for casual listeners.

Track list:
1. Little Lies-from Tango In The Night 1987
2. Everywhere-from Tango In The Night 1987
3. Seven Wonders-from Tango In The Night 1987
4. Monday Morning-from Fleetwood Mac 1975
5. Go Your Own Way-from Rumours 1977
6. Family Man-from Tango In The Night 1987
7. Wish You Were Here-from Mirage 1982
8. Say You Love Me-from Fleetwood Mac 1975
9. Over My Head-from Fleetwood Mac 1975
10. Dreams-from Rumours 1977
11. Rhiannon-from Fleetwood Mac 1975
12. Mystified-from Tango In The Night 1987

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