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Flesh Consumed ‎–Ecliptic Dimensions Of Suffering cd


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Flesh Consumed is an American brutal death metal act from Santa Cruz, California. Their sophomore release Ecliptic Dimensions Of Suffering is a fine and tightly release of old school brutality mixed with some doom death and technical parts. Vocalist Corey Athos do get some helt on a few tracks by Matti Way from Pathology and Deeds Of Flesh as well as some backing vocals by Erik Lindmark from Deeds Of Flesh and Luc Lemay from Gorguts. You wil find riffing and technical patterns here that are interesting if you adore technical death metal. So if you want some technical and at the same time some brutality then check out this Californian act.

Track list:
1. Devoid Of Skin
2. Imprisoned Between Dimensions
3. Drug-Induced Psychosis
4. Caverns Of The Disembodied
5. Forever Chained-interlude
6. Chamber Of Torture
7. Beneath The Pendulum
8. Valleys Of Rust-interlude
9. Immortality Through Infinite Consciousness
10. Doomed-interlude
11. Interspecific Coalesce
12. Succumbed To Dementia
13. Staring Into The Abyss-outro

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