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Fleshdoll –Hearts Of Darkness cd


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Fleshdoll’s fifth album, Hearts Of Darkness, features some high quality death metal. For those of you who may not known much about Fleshdoll, the band origins are French and Hearts Of Darkness sounds really mature as the band with long number of albums suppose so. 11 songs, including a Testament cover shows that this is a highly developed band with top notch song approach. Their music is a twist of dark sounding death metal like Vader and Vital Remains and the vocals are effectively brutal and then you can a some blast beats and you got one hell of a war machine. They mix technical and brutal death metal with deeper, atmospheric elements which compose the music just fine.

Track list:
1. Silent Faces Of Stone
2. Room 101
3. Tanka
4. Orphidian Slough
5. Into The Abyss
6. Octantis
7. Blood Red Path
8. Into The Pit-Testament cover
9. Beast In You
10. At The Heart Of Darkness
11. Black Formulas

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