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Foo Fighters ‎–Everywhere But Home dvd


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The Everywhere But Home live dvd features material from five concerts from their One By One tour. The performances are typically top-notch and energetic, and Dave interacts well with the crowd in his usual style. The Toronto gig is excellent on the whole. It features a nice variety of Foos songs. They perform them with real energy. The acoustic gig in Washington is also good. I have to say, however that I wasn’t too keen on the Slane footage. I didn’t like the switching between two screens, but thats just my opinion. If I had been in charge of the dvd, I probably wouldn’t have bothered with the Reykjavik ‘audio only’ performance, and would have put in some other performances from different places, with audio and visual footage, but this doesn’t mean that the audio from Iceland doesn’t rock. Another cool thing about this dvd are the hidden goodies. You may have to try playing it on your PC to find them all, but there is a great story about and live performance from Nilfist, a band from Iceland that the Foos stumbled on while dining out the night before their show. There are a couple of other small hidden film clips here and there. Cool stuff

Track list:
1. All My Life-live Toronto
2. My Hero-live Toronto
3. Breakout-live Toronto
4. Have It All-live Toronto
5. Generator-live Toronto
6. Learn To Fly-live Toronto
7. For All The Cows-live Toronto
8. Stacked Actors-live Toronto
9. Low-live Toronto
10. Hey, Johnny Park-live Toronto
11. Monkey Wrench-live Toronto
12. Times Like These-live Toronto
13. Aurora-live Toronto
14. Tired Of You-live Toronto
15. Everlong-live Toronto
16. Doll-live Washington, D.C.
17. See You-live Washington, D.C.
18. For All The Cows-live Washington, D.C.
19. Everlong-live Washington, D.C.
20. All My Life-live Slane
21. Everlong-live Slane
22. All My Life-live Reykjavik audio only
23. The One-live Reykjavik audio only
24. Times Like These-live Reykjavik audio only
25. My Hero-live Reykjavik audio only
26. Learn To Fly-live Reykjavik audio only
27. Have It All-live Reykjavik audio only
28. For All The Cows-live Reykjavik audio only
29. Breakout-live Reykjavik audio only
30. Generator-live Reykjavik audio only
31. Stacked Actors-live Reykjavik audio only
32. Low-live Reykjavik audio only
33. Hey, Johnny Park-live Reykjavik audio only
34. Monkey Wrench-live Reykjavik audio only
35. Aurora-live Reykjavik audio only
36. Weenie Beenie-live Reykjavik audio only
37. Tired Of You-live Reykjavik audio only
38. Everlong-live Reykjavik audio only

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