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Forbidden -Forbidden Evil lp


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2021 American re-issue on black vinyl

Forbidden were students of the Exodus school of maximum crunch with minimal melody. And while the uninitiated may find their sound rather one-dimensional, this debut was considered quite impressive upon its release during the heyday of Bay Area-bred thrash metal. The band explodes out of the gate with “Chalice of Blood,” “Off the Edge,” and “Through Eyes of Glass” — a 1-2-3 punch of mind-blowing speed and tight precision. In fact, the first of these remains a minor thrash metal classic along with the equally memorable “March into Fire.” Other highlights include the title track and the start-stop pounding of “Feel No Pain.” Casual fans are almost guaranteed not to “get it,” but thrash metal completists will want to begin their discovery of Forbidden with this release.

Track listing:
1. Chalice Of Blood
2. Off The Edge
3. Through Eyes Of Glass
4. Forbidden Evil
5. March Into Fire
6. Feel No Pain
7. As Good As Dead
8. Follow Me

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