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Forgotten Realm –Power And Glory cd


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Forgotten Realm is a new band, but the members of the band are all highly-acclaimed music veterans and each one of them, is well known in his own field. The lead vocals are handled by none other than David Fefolt, the legendary ex-Valhalla, Masi, Hawk singer, the insane guitar themes are one man’s work, Mr. Matthew Mills (one of the top metal shredders), the devastating drumming is credited to Rhino (ex-Manowar) and the bass lines are delivered by Brian Sanders. All in all what we get here is 10 heavy metal anthems plus one cover tune that will drive you nuts. This album is a no turning back journey to the most glorious heavy metal moments…..just kick-back and taste hot steel

Track list:
1. Path To The Fire
2. Time
3. Heart Turned To Stone
4. Mountain Of Dreams
5. Eyes Of My Soul
6. Shattered Horizons
7. Forgotten Realm
8. On Wings Like The Eagles
9. Forged In Steel
10. Freedom Calls
11. Man On The Silver Mountain-Rainbow cover

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