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Forsaken Grief ‎–Death Metal 91-92 lp [red]


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Red vinyl with printed innersleeve. Limited to 100 numbered copies

Forsaken Grief was an obscure death metal band from Sweden that was active during death metals golden years. The band released a three track demo cassette in 1992 that had been recorded at the GMP studio in Borås of Sweden. The members on this one and only demo were Andy Skogström, Johan Oudhuis, Patrik Lundberg, Thomas Josefsson and Tony Splatt. The band fell apart and Thomas Josefsson went on to play with both Cemetary and Evocation while drummer Johan Oudhuis teamed up with Daniel Brennare, Jonas Eriksson, and Mikael Larsson and formed Lake Of Tears. This rare private pressed vinyl release features the 1992 demo as well as an earlier recorded track called Crucified, that the band, with previous bass player Andy, recorded at Hulta Fritidsgård in Borås in May of 1991 under the name of Moribund.

Track list:
1. Crucified
2. Pleasurable Lust
3. Into Nocturnal Foreverness
4. Mind Percecution

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