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Fourth Circle –Worlds cd


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Still sealed digipak. Limited 500 copies

Worlds is the third album from the French symphonic metal act Fourth Circle. Here you have epic tunes with hardrock riffs all carried by the charming voice of Audrey Adornato. Worlds is a massive concept album that tells the story about the spiritual search of a female character in an undefined time and space that she discovers all along the story. Every track is in line with a chapter of the story, bringing details on the emotional part of the narration. Fourth Circle might play symphonic metal but the members arent afraid to think outside the box and breaking bonds. Here the band are firing a salvo of 14 powerful tracks consisting of guitar-riffs meeting skincrawling orchestral elements. Fans of Within Temptation, Epica and Nightwish will find a lot to like.

Track list:
1. Chapitre 1: Prologue
2. Chapitre 2: Awake And Lost
3. Chapitre 3: Worlds
4. Chapitre 4: A Weight
5. Chapitre 5: Survive
6. Chapitre 6: Feeling
7. Chapitre 7: Underneath
8. Chapitre 8: The Truth
9. Chapitre 9: Who Am I?
10. Chapitre 10: Nothing
11. Chapitre 11: Revival
12. Chapitre 12: One, Together
13. Chapitre 13: Rising Tensions
14. Chapitre 14: Battle And Forgiveness

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