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Fractal Universe ‎–Rhizomes Of Insanity lp [yellow]


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Light yellow vinyl with poster and lyric insert. Limited 200 numbered copies

The 2019 album, titled Rhizomes Of Insanity, is the sophomore effort from the French progressive death metallers. Their Engram Of Decline was hailed as one of the progressive death metal marvels of 2017. The band had seemingly constructed an uphill battle for themselves with how well debut full length was received but Rhizomes Of Insanity has expertly built upon those foundations and emphasised that the quartet are far from being a flash in the pan. The diversities that lay within this release will continue to grasp your gaze and have you revisiting to gain a further understanding of the underlaying concepts.

Track list:
1. Oneiric Realisations
2. Flashes Of Potentialities
3. Rising Oblivion
4. A Reality To Foreclose
5. Masterpieces Parallelism
6. Parabola Of Silence
7. Madness Arabesques
8. Architectural Aberrations
9. Fundamental Dividing Principle
10. Chiasmus Of The Damned

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