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Fractured Spine -Memoirs Of A Shattered Mind cd


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The Finnish band Fractured Spine plays blackened gothic doom/death metal. Which is to say that they take the doom style, add gothic touches to the music and then layer a black metal fuzziness, melody and feel over everything. Early 90s gothic black metal mixed with doom/death. They are also a bit more experimental than a lot of bands who play the doom/death style, which again gives them more of a black metal theme to my ears. Vocally the band eschew the normal purely doom/death deep vocals for a more varied approach involving a mix of deep growls, high screams and gothic cleans. Some songs have more of a black metal feel, others more of a gothic doom feel and occasionally even an early Lacuna Coil or …In The Woods style makes an appearance. The keyboards and gothic effects are prevalent throughout the album and its a refreshingly different take on the doom/death sub-genre. A surprisingly varied album that experiments with its sound to create a mixture of related styles one the same album.

Track listing:
1. And Now Youre
2. Dead To Me
3. This Dying Soul
4. And Gone Was I
5. Deprived Of Daylight
6. Clock That Ticks
7. Shallow
8. Suicide Patterns

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