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Frank Zappa -Video Archives 4 dvd


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In digipack cover. The dvd layout is misprinted and says video archives 3

Volume 4 in the video archive series of one of the most adventurous musical genius the world has ever seen. This volume features the 2000 film Present Day Composer Refuses To Die by Frank Scheffer. Out next is material from a private recording from Seattle 2002 with Project Object featuring two of Franks longtime bandmembers Ike Willis and Napoleon Murphy Brock. This tribute show at the Rainbow was held on the 4th of October and the members celebrates the timeless music of Zappa. Ike Willis (1978-93) is one of Zappa’s most durable and beloved sidemen, whose soulful vocal hysterics are best remembered as the voice of Joe on the Joes Garage rock opera trilogy. He toured the world six times with the maestro and was the voice of his music for 14 years on countless recordings, many still unreleased. Napoleon (1974-84) preceded Ike as Zappa’s first front man vocalist-musician. Napoleons unmistakable voice and stage presence brought an energetic new theatricality to the band, helping to define the Zappa stage show. And both musicians played integral roles in Zappa’s Thingfish rock opera. While many tributes keep the vibe by donning outfits or looks similar to their heroes, these guys have just worked the chops and capture the sound and complexity of FZ’z staggering work. Their goal is to keep alive a vast stock of incredible compositions, not simply to imitate a famous performer. They also succeed in proving that while the music will never be the same without the great artist who created it, a group of talented, committed musicians can make it worth hearing again. Last on this dvd we find a German TV special called Premiere Special that features material from the Yellow Shark Rehearsals taking place in July of 1991 at Joes Garage, Los Angeles, California, USA, and in July of 1992, in Frankfurt, Germany. It will give you an insight of that odd project

Track listing:
1. Present Day Composer Refuse To Die
2. Project Object live in Seattle 2002
3. AAAFNAAA Yellow Shark Rehearsals

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