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Franz Ferdinand -In Concert dvd


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Live In Concert features two shows from the 2005 festival tour and it opens with a gig the band did at the German Haldern Pop Festival on the 5th of August. That years the festival had a huge environmental problem. While Haldern is generally idyllic nicely situated in the calm countryside with its Gothic church and the Heimatmuseum. Festival attenders are able to park the car just next to their tents and you have a reasonably short ways everywhere, but this year it was about the weather. The hype, the anticipation and the media interest regarding Franz Ferdinands gig this year was huge so maybe it was even good that it rained so the hysteria cooled down a bit. Franz boasted a brand new stage set which featuring a series of black and red drapes, plus a raised white section for the drums and keyboards reminiscent of a 1960s pop show. In addition to the hits there were also new tracks that sounded more mature and serious without losing the energy level and the groove. Out next is a gig the band did at the Lowlands Festival in Holland on the 19th of August. This is a festival that every year attracts around 55 000 people to see over 200 pop, rock and electro acts across 10 stages. Franz Ferdinand occupied the tent that was the main stage and performed another superb show that would please all fans of the band

Track list:
1. Auf Achse-Haldern Festival
2. This Boy-Haldern Festival
3. Take Me Out-Haldern Festival
4. Jacqueline-Haldern Festival
5. The Fallen-Haldern Festival
6. The Dark Of The Matinee-Haldern Festival
7. Come On Home-Haldern Festival
8. What You Want-Haldern Festival
9. Darts Of Pleasure-Haldern Festival
10. This Fire-Haldern Festival
11. Michael-Lowlands Festival
12. The Fallen-Lowlands Festival
13. Auf Achse-Lowlands Festival
14. Jacqueline-Lowlands Festival
15. Evil And A Heathen-Lowlands Festival
16. Tell Her Tonight-Lowlands Festival
17. The Dark Of The Matinee-Lowlands Festival
18. What You Want-Lowlands Festival
19. Take Me Out-Lowlands Festival
20. Do You Want To-Lowlands Festival
21. 40′-Lowlands Festival
22. Darts Of Pleasure-Lowlands Festival
23. This Fire-Lowlands Festival

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