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Friends Of Hell –God Damned You To Hell cd with patch


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Cd with patch

Are you feeling doomed yet? You definitely should be. As we wallow in mankind’s ongoing plunge into the abyss, Friends Of Hell have arrived to provide the perfectly monstrous soundtrack. The brainchild of underground diehard Tas Danazoglou (Satan’s Wrath/ex-Electric Wizard), Friends Of Hell are the thuggish, gruesome antidote to modern metal’s blank-eyed sheen. This is the real, filthy deal, executed by musicians with pure and noble intentions. I had the original idea to form a band with Jondix (original Friends Of Hell guitarist) as we’ve shared this vision ever since we met in the early 2000s, says Tas. Whenever I make a band I think about my friend Taneli (from Impaled Nazarene, Sentenced) for bass. We all talked about the band and agreed upon the direction we wanted to take. We’re all into the same stuff, more or less, when it comes to heavy metal. Friends Of Hell draws from the most seminal of doom sources, saluting the great works of Pentagram, Candlemass, Saint Vitus and Cathedral along the way. But something nastier and grubbier lurks within the Friends Of Hell sound: a viscous, blackened streak that owes its leathery scars to Venom, Bathory and Hellhammer. For the bands second album, Swedish metal legend Hellbutcher (Niflheim/Dead Kosmonaut) lend out his amazing vocal talents. Guitarist Jondix was replaced by Beelzeebubth from Mystifier. Our goal was to make a very good heavy album in the same vein as the bands we love, explains Tas. My vision of heavy music has always been the same – raw and unpolished! We are not really into any modern metal. We grew up with classic heavy stuff and it feels natural to us to play like this. We are all in our 50s, you know! Not surprisingly, Tas feels exhilarated and inspired by his band’s second recorded efforts, and has plans to take these crushing slabs of evil doom to the helpless, perpetually doomed masses. When the end is nigh, everyone needs a friend, right? You have been warned – succumb to the darkness.

Track list:
1. God Damned You To Hell
2. Gran Inquisidor
3. Bringer Of Evil
4. Snakes Not Sons
5. Arcane Macabre
6. Ave Satanatas
7. Let The Devil Take You
8. Cross Inverter
9. All The Colors Of The Dark

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