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Fulmination -Humanitys Dirge dcd


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After 4 long years and countless delays, this long awaited compilation from Sweden’s Fulmination finally arrived. Featuring Mats Forsell (ex-Uncanny) and Johan Jansson (Interment, Regurgitate, Uncanny, ex-Centinex). Humanitys Dirge includes an amazing piece of death metal history as it contains the bands entire discography, including all three of their demos as well as their unreleased 1994 full length album Fading Illusions.

Track list:
1. The Righteous Few
2. The Seducer
3. Life Means Struggling Hard
4. Infected
5. Fading Illusions
6. Ancestors Of The End To Be
7. Pain Inflictor
8. Apart
9. Through Fire
10. Sons Of Weakness
11. Through Fire
12. New Gods
13. The Legacy Of Progress
14. Entering Within
15. Sanity Dies
16. The Odious Night
17. Everlast
18. Sanctuary Of The Mind
19. Born To Obey
20. Stronger Than Life
21. Divine Invisibility
22. The Circle Of Time
23. Pain Inflictor
24. Fading Illusions
25. The Seducer
26. Sons Of Weakness

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