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Black vinyl. Limited 200 copies

The story behind Funeral Nation from Chicago is a story of mishap, bad timing and misconception. Formed by former members of Funeral Bitch and Abomination in 1989, Funeral Nation decided to continue the simple, yet extremely brutal approach to Thrash Metal of the bands they left. Soon after their formation, they released a demo tape called “State Of Insanity”. This one blew up some dust in the underground but didn’t lead to a record deal immediately. It took the band until 1991 until they got a deal with the infamous label Turbo Music. The band’s only album “After The Battle” suffered from bad mastering, bad distribution and bad promotion. Even a re-release of the demo on vinyl, entitled “Reign Of Death”, didn’t help Funeral Nation much, they missed the boat. Having returned to the underground they came from (and never really left), they released two more demos and three 7”es on tiny labels before splitting up in 1997. But like many other bands who did not get the attention they deserved during their first time existence, Funeral Nation returned to preserve their legacy. Since their reunion in 2010, the trio from Chicago mainly re-released a lot of their old recordings, live, studio and even rehearsal. In 2016 the band recorded these tracks released here and its good to see that even though more than 25 years has passed the general direction of the band hasn’t changed. Funeral Nation still walk the edge of Death and Thrash Metal. With the opening ‘Laceration’, we have a song that could have been from 1989 as well, while ‘Before The Dawn’ is more in the tradition of the second demo. Funeral Nation is a belated band anthem that sounds like it was written in the early days of the band and never got recorded until now. So, despite all the years the music is pretty homegenous and depict the evolution of a band that knows their roots. It’s up to you to decide if you like them for their constancy or not.

Track list:
1. Laceration
2. Before The Dawn
3. Funeral Nation
4. Legion

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MB 030

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