Funeral -Tristesse/Live in Modum 1995 dlp [grey]



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Double album on grey vinyls with gatefold cover. Limited 300 copies

Gothic funeral doom from Drammen, Norway. This glorious double album comes with a thick gatefold cover, poster and a booklet with liner notes by Anders Eek and Oliver Zoltar Badin, interviews, flyers and unpublished photos. The album features all the bands early work starting with the landmark ‘Tristesse’. Having originally released as a demo in 1993 and then as a MCD on Wild Rags Records in 1994, their debut masterpiece helped forge the Funeral Doom genre as we know it. Included with this masterpiece is a second LP with a soundboard recorded live show from 1995.

Track listing:
1. Prologue
2. Thoughts Of Tranquility
3. Yearning For Heaven
4. A Poem For The Dead
5. Epilogue
6. Wrapped All In Woe-live Modum Norway 1995
7. Taarene-live Modum Norway 1995
8. The Garland Of My Beloved Pt.1-live Modum Norway 1995
9. The Garland Of My Beloved Pt.2-live Modum Norway 1995
10. Fortapt I Ensomhet-live Modum Norway 1995
11. Demise-live Modum Norway 1995

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