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Furbowl -Those Shredded Dreams 3lp


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3lp set on black vinyl

Furbowl was formed in 1991 when Johan Liiva left Carnage and hooked up with his old friend Max Thornell on drums (both would form Hearse in the 90’s). After a few demos, Furbowl recorded their debut album ‘Those Shredded Dreams’ in 1991. The album was produced by Carnage / Carcass guitar player (and long time friend of the band) Michael Amott (Arch Enemy) who also played some leads on the album. Not surprisingly Michael asked Johan to join Arch Enemy some years later. This legendary debut album have now been released a luxurious triple gatefold 3lp set with 18 bonus tracks. Undoubtedly, a true monument of the most underrated Swedish death metal band from the early 90’s. To retain the classic, old school feel of the original 1992 release, this 3 LP box set is designed after the original album with attention to detail, even down to the typeface. Also included are lyrics, exclusive band photos and new 2010 liner notes from Max Thornell. Everything comes together beautifully in a 350 gram semi-gloss, deluxe 6-panel triple gatefold jacket. Although we are using the original classic album cover design and photo of Johan’s teeth on the marble background for the jacket front cover which we feel is appropriate, we felt that the poster artwork should be more striking, as the original cover layout is not entirely conducive to poster size. We were lucky enough to find an amazing artist Zbigniew Bielak (this was well before his Illustrations for Watain’s Lawless Darkness), who provided a new full color illustration for the poster as well as one of the jacket panels.

Track listing: Those Shredded Dreams
1. Damage Done-Those Shredded Dreams album 1992
2. Nothing Forever-Those Shredded Dreams album 1992
3. Razorblades-Those Shredded Dreams album 1992
4. Desertion-Those Shredded Dreams album 1992
5. Sharkheaven-Those Shredded Dreams album 1992
6. Those Shredded Dreams-Those Shredded Dreams album 1992
7. Desertion-The Nightfall Of Your Heart-demo 1991
8. Shark Heaven-The Nightfall Of Your Heart-demo 1991
9. Nothing Forever-The Nightfall Of Your Heart-demo 1991
10. Desertion-Demo 1992 (Staffanstorp, Oct 1992)
11. Heart Inferno-Demo 1992 (Staffanstorp, Oct 1992)
12. Only Inhuman-Demo 1992 (Staffanstorp, Oct 1992)
13. Is This Dignity-Demo 1992 (Staffanstorp, Oct 1992)
14. Stabbed In The Back-Demo 1992 (Staffanstorp, Oct 1992)
15. Dead And Gone-The Forest-promo 1993
16. Heart Inferno-The Forest-promo 1993
17. Hymn For Nathalie Rose-The Forest-promo 1993
18. Buried Alive-Venom cover-Studio Gubbsjuk recording 1991
19. Desertion-Studio Gubbsjuk recording 1992
20. Now You Suffer-Studio Gubbsjuk recording 1994 (last song Furbowl ever recorded)
21. Shark Heaven-live in Stockholm 1993
22. Razorblades-live in Stockholm 1993
23. Day Man Lost-Carnage cover-live in Stockholm 1993
24. Nothing Forever-live in Stockholm 1993

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