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Furbowl –The Forgotten Tapes cd


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Furbowl was formed in 1991 when Johan Liiva left Carnage and hooked up with his old friend Max Thornell on drums (both would form Hearse in the 90’s). After a few demos, Furbowl recorded their debut album Those Shredded Dreams in 1991. The album was produced by Carnage / Carcass guitar player (and long time friend of the band) Michael Amott (Arch Enemy) who also played some leads on the album. Not surprisingly Michael asked Johan to join Arch Enemy some years later. Their legendary debut album is undoubtedly, a true monument of the most underrated Swedish death metal band from the early 90’s. The Forgtten Tapes contain the demo recordings of what was supposed to become Furbowl’s third album. Recorded in the legendary Studio Gubbsjuk back in 1994 where they did all their recordings. As bonus the album has five tracks recorded Live at Huddinge Fest, Sweden 1993.

Track list:
1. Healed
2. Maelstrom
3. Now You Suffer
4. Soul Under Siege
5. Bleedin Horizon
6. Stumblin Man
7. Desertion
8. Instrumental
9. Desertion Dead And Gone-live Huddinge 1993
10. Cold World-live Huddinge 1993
11. Buried Alive-live Huddinge 1993
12. Heart Inferno-live Huddinge 1993
13. Baby Burn-live Huddinge 1993

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