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Gamma Ray – Alive 95 [original]


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Alive 95 is Gamma Ray's first proper live album (even though they were featured on a live Noise compilation CD in 1994) and it was recorded during the supporting tour for ‘Land of the Free’ at shows in Milano, Madrid, Pomplona and Erlangen. This live disc includes 6 tracks from their new album at the time, along with ‘Space Eater’ from their first album ‘Heading For Tomorrow’, ‘Tribute to the Past’ and ‘Heal Me’ from their third album ‘Insanity and Genius’, and ‘Ride the Sky’ and ‘Future World’, two songs from Kai's days back in Helloween. There are no tracks from the band's sophomore effort, ‘Sigh No More’. The concert ends with a cover of Holocaust classic ‘Heavy Metal Mania’. The band at this point in their careers is about as tight as it gets. Thomas Nack and Jan Rubach, who formed quite the underrated rhythm section, are very good live, and Dirk Shclachter has really grown into this own as the second guitarist in the band at this point in time. Kai Hansen's guitar work as usual is flawless. But, as another reviewer pointed out, Kai's vocals are not quite where they need to be, and as a result some of the songs suffer a tad bit, most notably on the Ralf Scheepers' material. It just seems like Kai feels a little trepidation at letting loose on some of the songs, and it shows. But that doesn't take away from the fact that the song selection and performances are top-notch, and it would behoove any power metal fan and Gamma Ray fan in particular to pick up this album. Original Noise release Track listing: 1. Land of The Free 2. Man on a Mission 3. Rebellion In Dreamland 4. Space Eater 5. Fairytale 6. Tribute To The Past 7. Heal Me 8. The Saviour 9. Abyss of The Void 10. Ride The Sky-Helloween cover 11. Future World-Helloween cover 12. Heavy Metal Mania-Holocaust cover

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