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Gamma Ray -Blast From The Past 3lp


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Triple vinyl set on black vinyls with gatefold cover

13 re-recorded tracks and 7 remastered tracks. The song Silence has re-recorded vocals by Kai Hansen, but the music is the same as on Heading for Tomorrow (aside from being remastered). Additional vocals on Land Of The Free by Michael Kiske. Bass guitar and drums on The Silence by Uwe Wessel and Mathias Burchadt. This 2022 remastered edition features new sleeve notes based on an interview with Kai Hansen. A cool revisiting of the songs from the first ten years of Gamma Ray with Kai Hansen on vocals

Track list:
1. Welcome
2. Lust For Life
3. Heaven Can Wait
4. Heading For Tomorrow
5. Changes
6. One With The World
7. Dream Healer
8. Tribute To The Past
9. Last Before The Storm
10. Heal Me
11. Rebellion In Dreamland
12. Man On A Mission
13. Land Of The Free
14. The Silence
15. Beyond The Black Hole
16. Somewhere Out In Space
17. Valley Of The Kings
18. Anywhere In The Galaxy
19. Send Me A Sign
20. Armageddon

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