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Gamma Ray – Insanity And Genius [original]


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Gamma Rays third album �Insanity And Genius� were something of an experimental album by the band but there are still some perfectly crafted power metal classics in the mix as well. �Tribute to the Past� is a fast and furious barrage of incredible riffs and has my pick for Ralf Scheepers� second best vocal performance with Gamma Ray. �Last Before the Storm� and �No Return� are also highly catchy and loaded with memorable guitar riffs. �Future Madhouse� and �Your Turn is Over� are so fast and riff driven that they could almost qualify as thrash tracks. The latter is sung by Dirk Schlachter, whose voice has a heavy German accent and a somewhat punk attitude to it, although when he hits the higher notes he almost sounds exactly like Piet Sielck of Iron Savior. The remaining tracks are mostly slower rockers. �The Cave Principle� and the title track have their share of fast sections, but are mostly driven along by slower drum beats and Deep Purple inspired guitar parts. The closing track �Brothers� is a metal anthem in the Twisted Sister/Accept variety, loaded with lyrical references to the faithful of the metal genre. It�s a bit cliché at times, but still a load of fun. Track listing: 1. Tribute to The Past 2. No return 3. Last Before The Storm 4. The Cave Principle 5. Future Madhouse 6. Gamma Ray (edit) 7. Insanity And Genius 8. 18 Years 9. Your Torn Is Over 10. Heal Me 11. Brothers

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