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Gamma Ray (Kiske/Blind Guardian) – Land Of The Free


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Remastered 2002 reissue with 3 bonus tracks. Hansi Kursch of Blind Guardian did guest vocals on this album,including a lead vocal part in 'Farewell'. Michael Kiske of Helloween did all lead vocals on 'Time To Break Free'. 'Afterlife' is dedicated to the late Helloween drummer Ingo Schwichtenberg. Tracklist: 1. Rebellion In Dreamland 2. Man On A Mission 3. Fairytale 4. All Of The Damned 5. Rising Of The Damned 6. Gods Of Deliverance 7. Farewell 8. Salvation's Calling 9. Land Of The Free 10. The Saviour 11. Abyss Of The Void 12. Time To Break Free 13. Afterlife Bonus: 14. H.M. Mania-Holocaust cover 15. As Time Goes By (pre-production version) 16. The Silence`95

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