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Gamma Ray – Land Of The Free Part 2 dlp


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Double album with gatefold cover

It seems as if metal right now is trying to follow in the footsteps of the movie industry, which seems to be producing more sequels than anything else. The likes of Six Feet Under, King Diamond and Helloween have all released follow up albums the last years and now Gamma Ray release Land Of The Free II, giving reason for hope due to the quality of the original, yet with the latest experience with their colleagues also giving reason for doubt. However this album is unfair to compare it to Land Of The Free one to one, as I personally fail to see a big connection, which the exception of both parts having an epic over length track. After having gone more old school for No World Order! and a little heavier and darker for Majestic, Gamma Ray have returned to the more positive outlook on power metal, offering a little lighter buffet for us to partake in and even though the immediate catchiness might take a little longer to take effect, several spins of the albums have assured me that Kai and Co continue to belt out high-class material that is unmistakably Gamma Ray, not least thanks to Kais truly unique voice and phrasing. Even though it might take a little longer to fully embrace the newest spawn of Gamma Rays creativity, Land Of The Free II stands up there with the best of them and maybe if they had not gone for the sequel effect a wider audience might have readily embraced it as the killer it is, but dont let the title fool you, this is quality, no question about it!

Track listing:
1. Into The Storm
2. From The Ashes
3. Rising Again
4. To Mother Earth
5. Rain
6. Leaving Hell
7. Empress
8. When The World
9. Opportunity
10. Real World
11. Hear Me Calling
12. Insurrection

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