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Gamma Ray – No World Order!


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Much like 1997's Somewhere out in Space, this is a concept album. This time out, former Helloween leader Kai Hansen's band buys into the themes presented by author Mark Brauneis, a conspiracy nut whose tales of the all-powerful Illuminati go directly into No World Order. Musically, the band gets back to Hansen's NWOBHM roots a shade more than in the past, eschewing ornate prog metal for basic riffing and songwriting that evokes ancient Queensrÿche and primal Judas Priest ("Solid" is a virtual reworking of "Rapid Fire"). It's a step back that works for the band, one that's sure to please old school metal fans who have not had new material of this quality and ilk in some time. Track listing: 1. Induction 2. Dethrone Tyranny 3. The Heart Of The Unicorn 4. Heaven Or Hell 5. New World Order 6. Damn The Machine 7. Solid 8. Fire Below 9. Follow Me 10. Eagle 11. Lake Of Tears

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