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Gamma Ray -Skeletons And Majesties mlp [clear]


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2023 vinyl edition on clear vinyl

Skeletons And Majesties is a collection of songs Gamma Ray gathered from previous albums represented in two completely different styles. The purpose of the disc is simply to have fun, and to give fans a heads-up on what is in store for the band in the coming months, as well as involve their fans in the upcoming actions. The first two tracks are the ‘Skeletons’, featuring brand new versions of some of Gamma Rays songs rarely (if ever) played live, including ‘Hold Your Ground’ (from their ‘Heading For Tomorrow’ album) and ‘Brothers’ (from the ‘Insanity And Genius’ album). The second section, ‘Majesties’, is where the band display two more new versions of rarities, ‘Send Me A Sign’ (originally on the ‘Powerplant’ release) and ‘Rebellion In Dreamland’ (originally on ‘Land Of The Free’), both performed in a new acoustic presentation. Additionally, Gamma Ray have also included some bonus tracks, including the ultra rare track ‘Wannabees’ — previously only released on the ‘To The Metal!’ seven-inch single, and available here on CD for the first time — as well as an extended version of ‘Brothers’. And to top it off, the final track on the EP is another version of ‘Rebellion In Dreamland’, this time karaoke style!

Track listing:
1. Hold Your Ground
2. Brothers
3. Send Me A Sign
4. Rebellion In Dreamland
5. Wannabees
6. Brothers-extended version
7. Rebellion In Dreamland-karaoke version

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