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Gamma Ray – Somewhere Out In Space [original]


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Gamma Ray's fifth studio recording, Somewhere out in Space, is a concept album paying tribute to the film 2001: A Space Odyssey. This time around, Gamma Ray expands on the approach the used on Land of the Free. The elements that made Land of the Free so good are once again found on this album, only this time there is more focus on melody than aggression. Harmonies and leads are even more evident on this album. Like you would expect from a Kai Hansen lead project, these melodic elements are second to none, the kind of material that influence a generation of similar bands. A big part of the album's sound comes from the lyrical subjects. Along with Land of the Free, Somewhere Out in Space is an excellent representation of the elements that make up the German power metal scene. With Powerful riffs, mind-blowing soloing, heavy double bass, and strong singing, Gamma Ray once again creates an album which reaches standards which only the greatest of bands ever match. I definitely recommend this album to both newer and…not so new listeners to metal, as it is very enjoyable and there is very little to dislike. Track listing: 1. Beyond The Black Hole 2. Men, Martians And Machines 3. No Stranger 4. Somewhere Out In Space 5. The Guardian Of Mankind 6. The Landing 7. Valley Of The Kings 8. Pray 9. The Winged Horse 10. Cosmic Chaos 11. Lost in the Future 12. Watcher in the Sky 13. Rising Star 14. Shine On

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