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Gandalf –Demos 1989/1993 cd


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Gandalf was a rather unknown act from Pamplona in Spain that recorded two demos, Espejimos in 1989 and El Mago Gris in 1993. The band was formed in 1985 and featured members from Mephis and Mergus. This Spanish cd release features these two demos as well 5 previously unreleased bonus tracks. Gandalf is one of those band that deserved more than they got. This is some great heavy metal with lots of speed. So fans of fast heavy metal that dont mind if the singer sings in Spanish should check this out.

Track list:
1. Por Tu Libertad
2. Espejismos
3. Dark Haired Lass
4. Dioses Y Leyendas
5. Pienso En Ti
6. Finjida Apariencia
7. Otra Leyenda Más
8. El Honor Del Perdedor
9. Dos Amores Y Un Adiós
10. Castillos De Arena
11. El Mago Gris
12. Supe Aguantar
13. Heroína
14. Bebiendo Solo
15. Tras Una Estrella

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