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Gatekeeper –East Of Sun lp [silver]


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Silver vinyl with gatefold cover and poster. Limited 300 copies

East Of Sun, the debut album from this long-lived Vancouver epic metal band, has a glimmer of genius in it that rarely shows up in genres so dedicated to preserving and recreating the past. From the immediate New Wave of British Heavy Metal-worshipping bolt of energy that is “Blade of Cimmeria,” to the doomy, Cirith Ungol-adjacent epic “Nine Muses,” everything present on East Of Sun sparkles with a reverence for the giants that inform Gatekeeper’s songwriting tendencies. These guys have certainly done their research and steeped themselves in both the past and present of the sonic niche that they occupy: for every moment that recalls classics like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, there’s something else lurking just around the corner that smacks of Blind Guardian or Atlantean Kodex. That is to say, Gatekeeper doesn’t just embody the best of old or new traditional metal – they embody the best of trad metal, period. This album is an unbridled epic metal statement, woven from the same unifying threads that have kept true metal alive for decades. Everything about Gatekeeper is absolutely the real deal when it comes to the up-front nature of heavy metal: there are wailed falsetto vocals galore, explosive guitar solos, propulsive riffs that crackle with bright energy. Gatekeeper doesn’t exactly do much that’s inventive or forward-thinking, but hey, that’s not exactly what they’re here for, is it? Fact is, East of Sun is an endlessly entertaining romp that’s an excellent treat for anyone looking to find the nerdiest parts of their inner selves. Play this loud, and play this proud, because Gatekeeper are here to rock. Recommended for fans of Manilla Road, Manowar, Atlantean Kodex and NWOBHM

Track list:
1. Blade Of Cimmeria
2. North Wolves
3. Warrior Without Fear
4. Ninefold Muse
5. Bell Of Tarantia
6. East Of Sun
7. Swan Road Saga
8. Oncoming Ice

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