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Gates Of Ishtar – At Dusk And Forever


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Melodic death metal from Lulea of Sweden. Gates Of Ishtar was created at the end of 1992. Ishtar was a great Babylonian godess. She represented all of evil, catastrophes and bad properties on the Earth. People worshiped her only through the fear. Drummer Oskar Karlsson and bassist Niclas Svenssson were previously with Decortition, Karlsson also citing credits with Defleshed. The band released a modestly titled demo tape the following year modestly titled 'Best Demo Of '95' which landed them a deal with Finnish label Spinefarm Records. The third and final album by this underrated band was called ‘At Dusk And Forever’ and was released in February of 1998. This album has a bit more thrash and speed metal feel to it than the two earlier albums. Track listing: 1. Wounds 2. The Nightfall 3. At Dusk And Forever 4. Battles To Come 5. The Burning Sky 6. Never Alone Again 7. Always 8. Forever Beach

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