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Gates Of Ishtar – Dawn of Flames


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Melodic death metal from Lulea of Sweden. Gates Of Ishtar was created at the end of 1992. Ishtar was a great Babylonian godess. She represented all of evil, catastrophes and bad properties on the Earth. People worshiped her only through the fear. Drummer Oskar Karlsson and bassist Niclas Svenssson were previously with Decortition, Karlsson also citing credits with Defleshed. The band released a modestly titled demo tape the following year modestly titled 'Best Demo Of '95' which landed them a deal with Finnish label Spinefarm Records. The second album ‘The Dawn Of Flames' released in March 1997, was the last album recorded at the legendary Unisound studios. Edge Of Sanity mentor Dan Swano provided all the keyboard work. The album opens up with ‘Perpetual Dawn’, which starts off with a slow, haunting melody, which quickly progresses to an all-out assault of melodic speed. ‘Trail Of Tears’ follows the intro song with one of the catchiest melodic death tunes there is. This Lulea act was among the beginners of the genre and should deserve to be mentioned among the bigger acts. 2001 re-issue with 4 bonus tracks. Tracklist: 1. Perpetual Dawn (The Arrival Of Eternity – End My Pain) 2. Trail Of Tears 3. Forever Scarred 4. Dreamfields 5. Dawn Of Flames 6. Eternal Sin 7. No Time 8. The Embrace Of Winter 09. Where the Winds of Darkness Blow 10. A Bloodred Path 11. The Dreaming Glade 12. The Silence

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